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Life at Incisive

Team Players

Incisive is more than just a group of healthcare consultants, we’re a team. We intentionally create an environment that fosters collaboration and bonding, both virtually and in-person.


We hire the best, it’s true, but we constantly strive for improvement. Whether it’s a new Epic certification or PMP certification, we’re here to help you make the most of every opportunity.


Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. Each member has a voice that's valued, listened to, and celebrated.


Even in the virtual-first environment of today, our culture thrives. With intentional investment, our bond reaches beyond the boundaries of our day-to-day, so our work matters more and feels less like an obligation.

Incisive Consultants

"Incisive is a company that truly wants every team member to be successful and seeks employee feedback openly. I love how the company invests in its people. I've never felt closer to my coworkers than I have here."

Abbi Kershner
Business Operations Specialist
Incisive Consultants

We believe in true employee happiness. Working virtually, we emphasize company culture more than ever, and we start by taking an empathetic approach and asking for feedback on ways we can be even better.

Carley Corletta
Talent Acquisition Lead
Dillon jensen
Incisive Consultants

I have recruited with at several other companies, and can confidently say the way we recruit here at Incisive is unmatched. The tight knit family feel, the ability to go out of our way to really make an impression on a potential employee, and the culture we foster is incredible.

Dillon Jensen
Talent Acquisition Lead
Brandon Shipman
Incisive Consultants

A significant reason I was excited to join the Incisive team was close the team members are with each other. I wanted to be a part of a culture that encouraged me to be myself and embraced my voice, and since joining Incisive the team has well exceeded my expectations.

Charlie Klumb
Talent Acquisition Lead
Brandon Shipman
Incisive Consultants

Incisive is the only consulting firm I’ve worked with that balances such attention to detail with great company culture. As a consultant I have frequent collaborative calls with my Account Executive, and our entire team has really fun virtual team building events quite often. It has been so much fun working with the Incisive team.

Brandon Shipman
Senior Consultant
Christy Hauk
Incisive Consultants

"Of the consulting firms in this Epic space, Incisive stands out and makes me feel like I am part of a close team who truly cares about me and my long-term career. They work extremely hard and make everyone feel valued as a part of a collaborative team! There is open communication and tons of opportunities to network if you are interested. I look forward to working with Incisive long-term."

Christy Hauk
Senior Consultant
Electronic Medical Record consultant
Incisive Consultants

"I’m very proud to work with Incisive. I feel well supported, highly valued, and know that the company has my best interests in mind."

Jesus Gonzalez
Senior Consultant
Incisive Consultants

"Incisive puts a lot effort into employee engagement and connecting with people, even in this remote environment. I enjoy our frequent team meetings and virtual events where the team has opportunities to get to know each other and connect. I also love the exciting energy of a quickly growing company!"

Sandy McDonald
Senior Consultant


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