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Intrapreneurship Program

Let's take your idea from concept to market.
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4 Stages

Our Process

We will work together to build new service and product lines, led by you! From ideation to launch, we'll team up to extend our capabilities and resources to better serve healthcare organizations and optimize their EHR system.



Intrapreneurs are invited to complete an online application to be considered for the program.

How we Support You

The application provides probing questions and prompts to help Intrapreneurs better define their idea.

Stage 1


After passing the Application stage, Intrapreneurs and Incisive leadership engage in brainstorming sessions that help refine their idea.

How we Support You

Incisive leadership, who have experience as angel investors and entrepreneurs, provide executive coaching. Additionally, Intrapreneurs’ ideas can be market tested with Incisive’s existing client network.

Stage 2


Intrapreneurs and Incisive make a timebound commitment to work towards a successful launch of the service or product.

How we Support You

Incisive provides full administrative and sales support along with continued executive coaching. Additionally, any work by Intrapreneurs on a pilot or assessment are compensated at an hourly rate.

Stage 3


Intrapreneurs and Incisive secure their first sale and begin client engagements.

How we Support You

Intrapreneurs are compensated at an hourly rate with a bonus granted based on the client and size of the first sale.

Stage 4


We scale the product together, with you at the helm.

How we Support You

Incisive provides a highly competitive salary to Intrapreneurs along with a share of all revenue earned through the sale of their service or product.

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Benefits Of The Program

Partner with our team to accelerate your idea and maximize its reach to clients

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