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What’s happening in Digital Health? September

Adam Schultheis
Sep 30, 2022
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Digital health is always changing as the market for vendors continues to evolve and innovative programs get rolled out by health systems. We use this blog to look back at the previous month and identify a few key articles or videos that could benefit digital health leaders in case you did not catch them.  

We try to find articles that elaborate on the digital health market, programs that are being launched, and interviews of leaders in the market that can provide insights for your organization to continue your digital health journey.

September was packed with information on the digital health landscape as we move into the final months of the calendar year. We have summaries on Maryland Medical Center’s telehealth expansion, UCSF announcing their digital health quarterfinalists, and an interview with Bronson Healthcare’s CIO Dr. Ash Goel.

Maryland Medical Center Expands Telemedicine Program

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic requires healthcare organizations to quickly get into the telehealth space. Many organizations moved fast to help decrease the amount of in person visits and mitigate the risk of spreading the virus or other diseases. Some organizations have used this boom as a launch point for larger programs and continued expanding their telemedicine services, like the University of Maryland.

Healthcare IT (Information and Technology) News talked with Dr. Gloria Reeves, associate professor of psychiatry at UMD school of medicine to talk about the challenges and progress they have made in their telemedicine program. She talks about patient expectations, demand for equipment and access, and the impact on both patients and providers.  

After receiving an FCC Grant for telehealth, Maryland Medical Center was able to purchase more hardware like laptops, remote patient monitoring devices, and more; as well as internet hotspots to support the connectivity for these programs. They are also collecting data points for the patient and provider experience to optimize their telemedicine programs.  

To learn more, read the full article at Healthcare IT News

UCSF Digital Health Quarterfinalists Announced

UCSF Health Hub has announced their quarterfinalist for 2022 best in class. UCSF Health Hub has been recognizing Digital Health companies for their solutions since 2019, in categories like Telehealth innovation, Health application AI, Mental and Behavioral health, EHR Innovation, and more. They will be announcing finalists before the end of October, and we will be sure to highlight some of those organizations in next month’s Blog!

See who has made it to the quarterfinals at here!

‘Tech is giving power to the Consumer’

Beckers Hospital Review sat down with Dr. Ash Goel to talk about how technology is changing healthcare by putting the power back into the patient’s hand. Dr. Goel discusses the challenges in the current tech landscape and iterates how integrations are necessary to continue evolving their services deliver the best patient care.  

He talks about how patients are starting to feel more control over their healthcare experience because technology can give them the power to control it, and how technology can provide real time insight toward capacity management problems to plan accordingly.

Read the full interview on Becker’s Hospital Review.

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Adam Schultheis
Adam Schultheis
Director of Digital Health
Adam is an former Epic team lead for web application technical services and hosting client systems. He has a passion of utilizing technology to improve patient outcomes while maximizing the user experience.

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