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What’s happening in Digital Health? October

Adam Schultheis
Oct 27, 2022
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Digital health is always changing as the market for vendors continues to evolve and innovative programs get rolled out by health systems. We use this blog to look back at the previous month and identify a few key articles or videos that could benefit digital health leaders in case you did not catch them.  

We try to find articles that elaborate on the digital health market, programs that are being launched, and interviews of leaders in the market that can provide insights for your organization to continue your digital health journey.

As we start of Q4, Digital health headlines are all about funding lost. There was still some news outside of those headlines that caught my eye. We have summaries on Epic discussing Omnichannel communications, University of Montana College of Health better serving their patient population, and CMS has some reconsiderations for interoperability program.

UCSF Health Hub Finalists have been announced! See more information on their website.

How can we better connect with patients?

Historically, Epic has received criticism around their CRM module Cheers. On October 10th, they posted information on how to utilize omnichannel communications to better connect with patients. Patient Experience is important to digital health, and with CRM competition continuing to grow in the EHR space [salesforce] Epic has given more information on utilizing Cheers to create communication campaigns for direct patient outreach.

To learn more, visit the article at EpicShare.Org

Telemedicine boosts access, decreases inequities in Montana

Maybe my personal favorite story of the month comes out of Montana. You see it talked about – Pandemic boom for telehealth, now what? Well Erica Woodahl sees how the continued expansion of telemedicine services can better the overall health of Montanans living in rural and tribal communities. Erica discusses the pain points of the patients, the proposed solution, and how video and RPM will help patients in multiple service offerings.

This is a quick read, and I highly recommend you check out the full article on

CMS reconsidering payment for interoperability program.

Organizations participating in the Interoperability program have until December 2nd to submit for reconsideration. Successful demonstration of meaningful user measures are required in order to stay clear of downward payment adjustments. The program dates and detailed information can be found on and the payment adjustment information was updated on October 24th also on

Becker’s picked up the quick summary on their site here with a link to the original program article form 2018

And in case you missed it...

Incisive Consulting has announced there Digital Health Strategic Service offering. Learn more on their approach to digital health challenges here:  

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Adam Schultheis
Adam Schultheis
Director of Digital Health
Adam is an former Epic team lead for web application technical services and hosting client systems. He has a passion of utilizing technology to improve patient outcomes while maximizing the user experience.

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