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Digital Health Download: November 2022

Adam Schultheis
Nov 30, 2022
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Digital health is always changing as the market for vendors continues to evolve and innovative programs get rolled out by health systems. We use this blog to look back at the previous month and identify a few key articles or videos that could benefit digital health leaders in case you did not catch them.  

We try to find articles that elaborate on the digital health market, programs that are being launched, and interviews of leaders in the market that can provide insights for your organization to continue your digital health journey.

As we head into the final month of 2022, we call out new partnerships and some movement for innovative technology in the competitive digital health space. Google Cloud teaming up with Mayo Clinic and others, Biotricity speaking to AI (Artificial Intelligence) impact on remote patient monitoring, and lastly an article from an unexpected source defining a smart hospital and the capabilities data provides to care!

Additionally, the UCSF Health Hub Winners have been announced! See more information on their website.

Google Cloud Launches New 'Accelerators' to Aid in Patient Care

Google has partnered with many organizations on the eastern side of the US to improve health equity and value-based care through data-powered projects on their cloud platform. Focusing on analyzing social determinants of health to increase patient flow and identify population health indicators. This new toolkit should help innovators mitigate health disparities.  

Read the full press release on

Biotricity Discusses Where Advances in Remote Monitoring Will Lead

Health IT News sat down with the CEO of Biotricity to talk about the future of remote patient monitoring. They break down what cardiac monitoring is, their AI Engine for detecting arrhythmia, and the impact of remote monitoring on the future of healthcare delivery. Although the focus is on cardiac care, the principles discussed relate to all at home care delivery models.

I highly recommend jumping to and reading this 8 minute article!

Nvidia Describes the Ins and Outs of a Smart Hospital

Whether you are familiar with the concept or not, this article is a great read from a source that doesn’t cover Health news. Nvidia, known for its hardware products like graphics cards, goes in depth on what a smart hospital is and how their tools are supporting organizations like UF Health, MD Anderson, and many international healthcare organizations. They cover everything from research to robotic surgery, and it is a great read for understanding how technology is advancing care in multiple verticals!  

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Adam Schultheis
Adam Schultheis
Director of Digital Health
Adam is an former Epic team lead for web application technical services and hosting client systems. He has a passion of utilizing technology to improve patient outcomes while maximizing the user experience.

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