From Sagacious to Incisive – Embracing the Digital Transformation

Adrian Calderon
Dec 10, 2021
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These days healthcare organizations are reacting to the impacts of the pandemic that emerged in 2020 by adapting to a ‘new normal’. Healthcare providers are moving at lightning speed to integrate with technology and drive change. Incisive Consultants embraces these changes and guides organizations through these digital transformations and optimizations to enable better patient outcomes.   

Across the world, health IT leaders have been advocating for a more digital approach to their services due to rising healthcare costs, lower accessibility, and greater demands on resources. Incisive Consultants helps healthcare organizations shape their IT roadmap to ensure their digital healthcare transformations are implemented well, executed cleanly, and remain cost-effective.

Incisive Consultants, a healthcare digital transformation and optimization consulting firm established in 2018, was founded by former Accenture leaders Chris Blackerby, John Freeman, and Kyle Adams. Their experience developing and leading Sagacious Consultants, a former Best in KLAS Epic consulting firm, through its acquisition by Accenture has helped shaped Incisive Consultant’s approach to leaning on innovation and emerging technology to better service healthcare organizations on a global scale. 

“At Sagacious we had a strong focus on Epic EHR consulting services, primarily strategic optimization prior to the Accenture acquisition,” said Incisive Consultant Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Blackerby. “Now as Incisive we have evolved our practice to help guide providers through their digital transformation, Revenue Cycle optimization, operational transformation, and staff augmentation – a more holistic and innovative approach.” 

To ensure Incisive Consultants keeps its innovative edge, they brought on former Epic Systems employee and Sagacious founder, Shane Adams, to lead brand strategy and innovation in 2020. More recently, the team brought on former Epic Systems employee and Accenture Senior Manager, Corey Kosch, as their Chief Revenue Officer. Kosch leads digital transformation strategy and new service line initiatives, as well as partnerships. 

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