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Digital Health: Patient Engagement & Outcomes

Abbi Kershner
Oct 7, 2022
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Expectations around healthcare are not what they were 100 years ago, in fact, patients’ expectations around ease of scheduling and provider availability are not what they were even one year ago. Today's clinic patients expect to schedule appointments quickly, on their own terms, and online.  

While Epic has made it easier than ever to implement, most organizations are still working on maximizing online scheduling capabilities.  

A properly optimized digital front door initiative can lead to:  

  • a healthier patient population
  • decreased overhead costs
  • an increase in collected payments

Our Digital Health experts can assist with optimizing online scheduling solutions, leading to more logins to the patient portal, higher patient engagement, and more bills paid.

Patient expectations are at an all-time high and with new healthcare service models popping up every day it is important to prioritize the patient experience within Digital Health.” Said Adam Schulteis, Incisive’s Digital Health Lead. “Patients want to be in control of their health care, and providers who understand and fulfill that need will continue to retain their patient population and bring in new patients as well.

Our Digital Health solution focuses on improving healthcare access and service through patient-centric digital health. Our Digital Health team partners with your organization develop and execute a digital health strategy specific to your needs, from optimizing your Digital Front Door to assisting with service expansion into cutting-edge areas of Digital Health, like Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), we can help.  

One in five US adults is now regularly wearing a smartwatch or wearable fitness tracker it is easier than ever to proactively monitor the health of your patients. RPM solutions allow providers to manage multiple aspects of their patients' health through dashboards and alerts without adding to a hospital's bed count and risk of infection.

"We understand the complexities of creating a service offering around remote patient monitoring. Device management, patient and user education, integration build and working well with all the vendors can become overwhelming. We have experience with it all, and want to help healthcare organizations navigate their projects with ease" Schulteis adds.  

If you are ready to get started on your patient digital health journey or looking to optimize the tools you already have in place contact about our free one-week Digital Health Assessment to understand the distance between your current state and your digital health goals! Learn more about Incisive's Digital Health Services by clicking here.

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Abbi Kershner
Abbi Kershner
Business Operations Lead

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