Meet the Incisive Consultant Leads

Nov 17, 2022
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We are always striving to find new ways to support the professional development of all employees, thus, we are excited to announce the roll-out of our new Consultant Lead program. In this program, a Consultant Lead will be assigned to each of our consultants to help guide our consultants through their Incisive careers and help grow them into the best version of themselves, professionally.

People Leads at Incisive will play an important role in developing our people. They will provide guidance to help our people manage their careers and grow professionally. They will serve advocate for our people and you and help reduce or remove barriers preventing them from achieving success.

We sat down with four of our new consultant leads, Jesus Gonzalez, Jessey Ziebach, Mary Cate Zipprich, and Brandon Shipman to ask them a few questions about their new roles, Incisive, and Epic consulting.

Incisive: What does being a Consultant Lead mean to you?

Jesus Gonzalez: Mentoring others is something I’ve always enjoyed. Having the opportunity to coach and be coached by my counselees is what I look forward to most.

Incisive: What about your new role as a consultant lead most excites you?

Jessey Ziebach: Stepping into a Consultant Lead position for Incisive is very exciting to me. Deciding to jump into the world of consulting can be very intimidating, whether you’ve been in the Epic industry for a small amount of time or if you’re a seasoned veteran.  One of my goals as a Consultant Lead is to provide guidance to those who are new to consulting and inspire confidence in all my counselees. For my more seasoned people, being a Consultant Lead gives me the opportunity to see how Incisive can help them continue to grow their careers as professionals. Being a Consultant Lead will allow me to cultivate relationships with other employees that will be mutually beneficial.

Incisive: How will you think you will be able to help your counselees grow as professionals?

Brandon Shipman: I hope to help other grow by being able to listen and provide tips on how to build better relationships with clients. Building relationships and providing the best and most efficient consultant possible. Having good relationships and being efficient at tasks helps clients achieve more in less time.

JG: All people, projects, and organizations are different but I’ve found success in developing and applying best practices and methodologies to better support my clients. I like to share these with others so that they too can be successful in the work they do. Our clients win when our people win!

IC: What do you like most about being a consultant with Incisive?

JZ: When I started consulting at the start of 2019, my biggest fear was “Do I really have enough knowledge to consult? How will I continue to grow both professionally and in my field?” What sets Incisive Consultants apart from other firms is the amount of investment they place into their employees. From day one I was provided access to multiple avenues to receive help if I needed it, whether it be an application-specific question for my contract or questions about pay and benefits. I was encouraged to ask questions. At all times, anyone in the company (including other consultants!) is just an instant message away. You are encouraged to succeed. When you work with Incisive, you are not just a number – you become part of the family.

IC: What advice would you give to someone who is considering starting consulting career?

Mary Cate Zipprich: If you are someone who thrives on new challenges, consulting could be a great fit for you. As a consultant, you work to solve new problems or to apply your expertise in a way that meshes well with your client’s existing systems and workflows, so enjoying a dynamic work environment is key. As you consider a career in consulting, I think it is important to think about the team that is going to back you up: are there folks whom you can bounce ideas around with? Someone responsive who can help with the inevitable questions that come up about submitting time sheets, status reports, and viewing pay stubs? And do you have someone in your corner who wants to see you staffed on a project that is interesting to you? Having this support will make a big difference in your success and satisfaction in a consulting role and allow you to focus on delivering your best for your client.

BS: Consulting is great for those who like new tasks and projects. However, you need to be more prepared as a consultant.  You may be treated differently when you are not an FTE and you have to be ok with that.

IC: What most excites you about the future of Healthcare IT?

JG: Though I’ve been in healthcare IT for a while now, I’m still learning new things, meeting new people, and staying engaged in the work that I do.

BS:  I am most excited about the advances that come with documentation. Not only the safety you can build into a system, but the decision support and advances in medicine that come with recorded data.  There are so many advances if we can just harness the informational data already being documented and reported on properly.

MCZ: As anyone who has interacted with the American healthcare system knows, it is complicated and expensive, which means there are abundant opportunities to make improvements and a huge variety of projects to be done. I get most excited about projects that improve patient experience and reduce the chances that a patient will get stuck with a bill (or that reduce the amount of time providers spend working with insurance companies to ensure care is covered). Several states have passed legislation, and there has been movement at the federal level, as well, to streamline and standardize the prior authorization processes that insurance companies have in place, which provide new opportunities to improve and reassess workflows. I am excited about the possibilities these changes hold for patients and providers, and I am looking forward to figuring out how to help hospitals amend their workflows to accommodate these positive changes.

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