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Incisive's Approach to Digital Health

Adam Schultheis
Oct 25, 2022
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Incisive has been around for years helping healthcare organizations that utilize Epic with Application analysis, revenue cycle management, and staff augmentation. People may not be aware that we are looking to form partnerships to aid digital health initiatives. Through our experience, we have defined a clear approach to co-create lasting outcomes:

1. People are the priority – Patients, providers, and operations are the key to successful digital health services.  

  • Patients expect more healthcare access at their figure tips, and it is key to make sure the patient experience meets those expectations.  
  • Providers buy-in helps with design of workflows and solidifies intuitive workflows at time of launch. Making sure these users are educated on the functionality and, more importantly, are excited to use the technology is critical.
  • Operational hurdles are often the biggest pain point during these initiatives. Operational stakeholders must be part of the implementation process and our team works with them to ensure they are ready for the process and procedural changes that are coming.

2. Strategic planning – We want to talk with multiple levels at the organization to understand the pain points your team is seeing, as well as access the build to understand where the functionality stands today.  

  • This gives us a full scope of where we stand, where we can go, and most importantly what needs to be done to get there. We prioritize items based on outcome, effort, and cost to create a recommended roadmap that goes beyond our timelines. This extended roadmap helps ensure that we are not just looking for quick wins but setting a foundation for lasting outcomes.

3. Third party management – We own the success of the project, which means we own the deliverables outside of our direct responsibilities.  

  • Many digital health projects require additional applications or device integrations. We want and expect to participate in calls with those other vendors and hold them accountable for their items. Our team has experience working alongside multiple vendors during a project and understands when things need to be escalated to meet goals.

4. Constant exploration and communication – healthcare IT changes, we all know this. As we go through the project we are exploring and evaluating your overall digital health umbrella.  Any discoveries that we believe need to be considered for the overall strategy are communicated and reviewed.

  • We are partnering for long term success. With regular updates throughout the project, and a final review of the adjusted roadmap once it is over, we want to make sure there is a path forward even if our engagement has concluded.

Our approach forms partnerships that ensure healthcare organizations have a foundation for continued success throughout their digital health journey.

Interested in a conversation? Visit our digital health page, or email to set up a discussion.

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Adam Schultheis
Adam Schultheis
Director of Digital Health
Adam is an former Epic team lead for web application technical services and hosting client systems. He has a passion of utilizing technology to improve patient outcomes while maximizing the user experience.

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