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Digital Health Download: January 2023

Adam Schultheis
Jan 30, 2023
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2023 has started out strong in the always changing industry of Digital Health!

In case this is your first time checking out our monthly blog, I will give some background. My name is Adam Schultheis and I am the Director of Digital Health here at Incisive Consultants. Every month I grab a few articles that I believe every leader working in this space should checkout. These articles elaborate on the digital health market, programs that have been launched at health organizations, or even interviews of leaders in the market that can provide insights for you to prioritize initiatives.

This last month has been all about the programs utilizing technology to provide better patient outcomes, increase provider efficiency, and maximize the technology already at healthcare organizations. Here in the United States Michigan Health has provided insight on the benefits and useability of voice recognition for dictating patient’s charts, while Geisinger decreased their referral queue from 19,000 to only 3,000 through telemedicine. And in the international space, JurongHealth in Singapore overhauled their clinical decision-making support to save an estimated 3,600 hours annually!

Ambient Listening Helps Primary Care Doctors Finish Notes Faster

Chief Medical Officer at University of Michigan Health -West talks through the simplicity of utilizing Nuance Dragon for capturing notes when providing care. Aside from saving at least 10 minutes a day utilizing this technology – that’s a full work week of time savings per person annually, the biggest take away I gathered was how effective having a physician lead by example can be for technology utilization. If you are looking for ways to help with provider burnout by using technology, this is a great read for you!

To learn more, visit the article at

Geisinger solves behavioral health access problem with telemedicine

Just in case my tag line above didn’t spark your interest enough I am going to restate it: reduced referral queue from 19,000 patients to3,000. This is an awesome accomplishment and Geisinger’s Virtual care operations manager Benjamin C. Gonzales talks through how the pandemic busted demand for specialties, their rural patient population, and the decreased stigma mental health help created a massive referral queue and how they utilized telehealth to meet the higher demand. It’s a quick read, and I highly recommend checking it out!

To learn more, read the full article at


Taking a Thoughtful Approach to Clinical Decision Making…

I usually try to have unique sources for each article in our DH download, but EpicShare knocked it out of the park with this and it is something that needs to be considered in today’s “new technology is needed” mindset. Clinical decision support is native in Epic’s enterprise electronic health record solution, yet many organizations set it up at go-live, build on top of it, and never take a critical look at true optimization. JurongHealth took the time to truly understand the technology they already own and make sure it is providing the most value possible. If you are working through digital transformation and are still prioritizing some initiatives for the year – clinical decision support is a great one that doesn’t require new purchases!

Understand how JurongHealth in Singapore used the data available to them to see a 60% decrease in interruptive advisories and a 47%increase in advisories clinicians took action on at

Where are you in your digital transformation journey?

Incisive offers strategic digital health services to help increase revenue and decrease costs through technology and process optimization. We can provide advising, project management, and technology consultants to reach your goals efficiently. We also offer a Digital Front Door assessment as a starting point to truly understand the potential value you stand to gain.

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Adam Schultheis
Adam Schultheis
Director of Digital Health
Adam is an former Epic team lead for web application technical services and hosting client systems. He has a passion of utilizing technology to improve patient outcomes while maximizing the user experience.

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