Corey Kosch, Former Accenture Leader, Joins Incisive Consultants as Chief Revenue Officer

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Dec 23, 2021
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Incisive Consultants, a healthcare IT digital transformation and optimization consulting firm, announced today that Corey Kosch will be joining as Chief Revenue Officer. In his new role, Kosch will focus on optimization and diversification of services, oversee partnerships, and lead Incisive’s new Intrapreneur Program.

As a former Epic Systems employee, Corey planted his roots in Healthcare IT as a manager on the Revenue Cycle Implementation Team at Epic Systems. There, he quickly established himself as an Revenue Cycle expert and thrived, eventually making the decision several years later to join the Best in KLAS, Epic consulting firm Sagacious Consultants. Corey helped Sagacious develop their Strategic Revenue practice and played an integral role in helping guide the firm through acquisition by Accenture in 2015.

Before joining Incisive, Kosch held the role of Senior Manager while at Accenture where he helped lead the Provider Revenue Cycle practice and was responsible for increasing revenue and developing practice offerings and assets for the organization.

“Corey has such a sound background within Healthcare IT that fully captures the technical and the operational components of our industry” said Chris Blackerby,Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “His passion to lead and his work ethic is unmatched. He even chose to get his MBA while leading Strategic Revenue for us at Sagacious, which I thought was extremely impressive,and has now led him to be an even more valuable addition to us here at Incisive.”

“It’s great to be back with such an amazing group. I am thrilled to take on the challenges that are to come and to help grow an organization that aims to best support both healthcare organizations and IT consultants. We’re in an excellent position to help healthcare organizations achieve their strategic goals through optimization of their technology platforms. Additionally, I am really looking forward to leading our new Intrapreneur Program that offers a growth platform for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who want to take their unique service ideas to market” says Kosch.


About Incisive Consultants

Based out of Kansas City, Incisive was founded in 2018 focused on providing consulting services and resources to guide healthcare providers through the digital transformation of their healthcare services. They provide solutions focused on patient engagement, revenue cycle transformation, EHR system optimization, and Epic software staff augmentation through the full lifecycle of an EHR implementation. Minority owned and highly praised by both expert consultants and healthcare organizations for their high-quality service and dynamic company culture, Incisive is rapidly making their mark on the evolving healthcare industry.


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