Cocktails for a Cause

Abbi Kershner
Oct 6, 2022
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On August 23, 2022, our Incisive team hosted Cocktails for a Cause at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison, WI during Epic’s User Group Meeting (UGM). Cocktails for a Cause was a charitable event aimed to raise awareness and funds in support of the non-profit organization Maydm.  

Maydm is a Madison-based non-profit that provides girls and youth of color in grades 6-12 with skill-based training in the STEM fields, preparing the students to engage in and revolutionize the technology industry.

During our fundraising event the Maydm and Incisive teams were joined by client partners and healthcare technology experts to discuss Maydm’s vision to inspire innovators, accelerate opportunities, and break barriers for students working toward careers in STEM. The evening was filled with great food and focused on conversation about Maydm’s impact on youth of color in the Madison area and beyond.

The Incisive and Maydm partnership is rooted in our similar company values of inclusion, adaptability, and inspiration. Incisive’s emphasis on diversity and focus on healthcare technology aligns well with Maydm’s mission.  

As far as diversity, equity, and inclusion, Incisive firmly believes that we need to see change for the better in the technology sector.  We highly support Maydm’s goal to make the next generation of STEM leaders the most diverse yet.

Did you know: Women hold only 28% of careers in the STEM fields, and people of color hold only 33% of STEM careers.  

Carmelo Dávila, Outreach Manager at Maydm, said, “Our team is extremely grateful for the folks at Incisive Consultants... The event was as cool and joyful as a Wisconsin late summer evening breeze! What a wonderful way to support our local non-profit and the students we serve! As a minority-owned company, Incisive Consultants embodies Maydm’s own mission - that of a world where all girls and students of color know that a career in STEM is possible for them. We are truly honored by Incisive’s support."

With the support of our clients, employees, and our network we were able to support the fantastic programs, resources, and internships Maydm provides to their students.  

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who attended Cocktails for a Cause and donated. On behalf of Maydm and the entire Incisive Consultants team, we appreciate your contributions and hope for your ongoing support.  

If you would like to support Maydm, you can do so by donating using this link.

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Abbi Kershner
Abbi Kershner
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